2019 is the Year of the Farmer’s Market

Happy New Year! I can’t believe we finally did it! Our very own blog baby! As soon as we published our first post, I got so giddy and Corynn and I both started sharing on social media like crazy to rake in some views. I checked my phone constantly for any sort of interactions and had a whole range of emotions from super excited to nervous and everything in between! It’s a bit scary putting yourself out there. My first post, besides the introduction, is not a recipe, but something we should all start doing more in 2019.

One thing I want to do in 2019 is start shopping at farmer’s markets more often. I’ve learned that I should stop saying I’ll go to the gym more or I’ll eat less refined sugar because your friends remember and hold them against you. I always have to remember to pick something more achievable. I have been visiting the Santa Monica Farmer’s markets long before I can remember. My parents would push me around in the stroller and purchase an array of produce in order to prepare good food to put into my belly. I’m not sure why I enjoyed going as a kid, but I assume it was all the free samples the farmers would hand out (as a child my favorite food was fruit). Ohh there is this cute older woman that stands outside her tent and just drops slices of tomatoes in your hand. Now, I love going to chat with vendors and learn about all the different ways to use new produce/products I have never seen before.

my favorite tote bag filled with a ton of root veggies!

Before I really dive into my persuasive essay––I know I know, school hasn’t started back up again––I want to debunk a common myth about farmer’s markets. Yes, farmer’s markets can get a little pricey, but you have to remember that the produce these farmers are providing is top notch. You can also usually find deals all around the market and kale or avocados (how LA of me… I rolled my eyes at myself so you don’t have to) at one stand could be a better deal than at another stand. I always walk around the entire market once and then once more, only to stop at the stands I would purchase produce from. Another tip for finding all the good deals is go to the market a little before closing time. The farmers don’t want to take a bunch of produce back, so you can find really good deals.

a beautiful arrangement from Schaner Farms at the Santa Monica FM

Shopping at farmer’s markets is also far more sustainable than shopping at supermarkets. The produce at farmer’s markets are local and does not produce nearly as much pollution as produce from the supermarkets do. They have to travel from all across the U.S. to sit in your local supermarket and on top of that, you don’t really know where this produce comes from. With farmer’s markets, you know exactly where your produce is coming from and it’s organic––no gross chemicals!

This year, make more of an effort to shop at farmer’s markets! You’ll be supporting local farmers and businesses, putting high quality food in your belly, and helping put a big old band-aid on planet Earth. The vendors are so nice and want to help you out! Ask them what their favorite stands are or how they like to prepare certain items. Corynn, her sister, and I chatted to a nice man who sold nut and seed milk and later ran into him as the farmers were packing up. He said hello and told us to have a nice day which caught us all off guard. We want to visit him again.

Connect with me on @jenniferifer on instagram if you need suggestions, more tips, or even a buddy to join you! I never say no to farmer’s markets*!

*Disclaimer: I might say no… so I guess I should’ve just written ‘if I’m free, I’ll always say yes’ and left it at that…

my root veggies and a shot of the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market

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