Nostalgic Eggs and Jackson Pollock?

HELLOOOOOOO! It is Jennifer, here with a new blog post! We just want to apologize for being M.I.A. for a month… and I’m gonna be completely honest I can’t remember what M.I.A. stands for, but I know I’m using it correctly. Okay. I just looked it up and it stands for missing in action… which I definitely knew, I just have a little bit of summer break brain. Yikes, I start my online summer classes tomorrow, so my summer brain better get itself in check. 

Anyways, so yes, we’ve been M.I.A. for the past month because Corynn has been in Kosovo and I’ve been getting some stuff done, like starting to figure oUT MY FUTURE. Being an almost adult is so hard. 

Highlights from the first month of this summer:

  • applied for a credit card
  • Celebrated my brother committing to the University of Hawaii, his 18th birthday, and his high school graduation (a little too much celebrating him if you ask me… mom, I’m just kidding it has all been fun)
  • helped my mom out with her overcomplicated, extravagant end of the year tasks (again mom, kidding, it has been a great time)
  • Got a job at a cute dessert bar, but quit a week later due to unforeseen complications… it’s a long story, but now I’m sad because they have the coolest little store and I can’t go in there because I’ll have to face the people who hired me… 
  • I got a different job!!! Back to interning at churches!!
  • Picked my online classes… really not looking forward to that…
  • And I spent a lot of time with family! It was so refreshing to reconnect with people I hadn’t seen in a while.

Also another HUGE update: Corynn actually started working at a camp for the summer which means I’m solo-ing the blog this summer, but I’ve got a few posts queued up (in my head). The thing is, when she gets back, we’ll be living it up in the same apartment at APU and we couldn’t be more stoked about it. 

So for this week’s blog post, let me just say it took me soooooo long to figure out what in the world to write about. I was so stuck, but as I spent more time thinking about what to make and scrolling through instagram for some inspiration, I remembered just how much I love eggs. 

This school year alone, I went through dozens and dozens of eggs. It’s easy, cheap protein. It’s pretty funny though, I hated eggs growing up. I refused to eat them and only would consider it if they were drizzled in a little bit of ponzu, which is a citrus-based Japanese sauce made of rice vinegar, bonito flakes, and seaweed. It sounds kind of weird, but trust me the umami really gets you and soon enough, you’ll be carrying a bottle in your pocket 24/7. 

I had been reading about curing egg yolks in salt mixtures or in soy sauce, so I thought it’d be cool to try to drop a couple of hard boiled eggs into a bowl of ponzu for a little pool party. I looked through the pantry to see what I could add, even though they would’ve been fine just with ponzu, and found a tiny little container in our freezer filled with bright red pepper flakes. Not just any pepper flakes, Korean pepper flakes. You know, the flakes that are used to make the up and coming, ever so popular Korean side dish, kimchi! 

I put about a cup of ponzu in the bowl with about a tablespoon of flakes. I let that sit for a while as the eggs boiled. I timed it out so I could get some jammy eggs and as soon as I cooled the eggs down in an ice bath, I peeled them and dropped those suckers off at the pool. The sauce didn’t fully cover the eggs, so i just rotated them every so often. Also it is important to note that anything that is not a jammy egg is incorrect. But at the same time, I’m not a big jerk and you should do whatever makes you happy.

Along with the eggs, I made a Korean style rice porridge dish, which is pretty much just overcooked rice but it’s mushy and glorious. My mom used to make it for my brother and me when we weren’t feeling good. I also sautéed some asparagus and broccoli with salt and pepper and a couple spoonfuls of the chili flake ponzu mixture the eggs were sitting in. This entire meal was pretty nostalgic with the ponzu and rice porridge. Lastly, I garnished with sesame seeds, a drizzle of sesame oil, pepper flakes, ponzu, diced radish, and green onions. 

When I turn the kitchen into a test kitchen, there are a few things that always go down without fail. I always spend too much time styling the dish and perfecting the presentation so I can photograph it, which then exhausts me like no other. That dish always goes to my mom, so she can see the pretty side of things. Of course I make my brother and my dad look at my work of art just so they can imagine what their dish should look like and then whip out a couple of Jackson Pollock-esque dishes for the two of them. I usually eat out of the pans and scarf down whatever is left, but this time, I shared the photographed dish with my mom. It definitely was a magical experience, a regular sized spoon and dish, not the spatula and pan like I’m used to. 

Anyways, I have some exciting things headed your way on our blog, so stay tuned my friends! Thanks for reading and thanks for waiting! 

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