Butter is Magic.

Hello! This summer is finally winding down. I just had the busiest two weeks of my entire life. I subbed at a preschool for a week and grew so attached to this little ones! Then I spent the next week volunteering for Vacation Bible School at my church and wrangled a bunch of new kids to get attached to. I got to use my dad’s camera this week at camp and ran around all day snapping pictures of every single cute face in attendance. I think I’m gonna slowly start weaning my dad off his camera and eventually steal it. 

BUUUUT, Corynn is officially back, which means more Corn and not just Quiche! I am so excited because that means we will be living together so so soon. Blog posts will be more regular again and the world will be more balanced and at peace. 

Lately I have been very into mushrooms, but not the cremini mushrooms or the bland white mushrooms. I love the more uncommon breeds of mushrooms like king trumpet mushrooms or beech mushrooms. They’re a pretty good source of protein and have such a clean, earthy taste. 

Here’s how I prepare my mushroom rice bowl.

Sauté mushrooms in a generous amount of butter.

(TANGENT: I really love butter and would love to cook everything in butter if it was a reasonable option. Turns out a lot of butter every day isn’t all that healthy for you… Butter is such a complex ingredient and the different types and brands can make a huge difference in your dish. My favorite brand is Kerrygold * AHEM sponsor us* and sometimes, I will slice a really thin sliver off the block and let it melt in my mouth.)

Anyways yes, sauté the mushrooms. If you are using larger mushrooms, it’s a good idea to slice them so they cook faster and have a larger surface area hitting the heat of the pan. 


Mushrooms have a lot of moisture so if you overcrowd, the mushrooms will steam instead of getting golden brown and crispy(ish).

As far as seasoning, wait until towards the end of your mushroom cooking process because salt draws out moisture and again, we want crispy mushrooms, not steamed mushrooms. Lawry’s garlic salt is my favorite to sprinkle on these little babies because for some reason, butter and Lawry’s is a match made in heaven… Probably because garlic and butter is a the most beautiful combination to ever exist. 

You can also use salt and pepper, or any other spice combination you can think of. Test something out and leave a comment if it turns out well!

In my mushroom rice bowl, I start with a bowl of rice then top with my sautéed mushrooms and add a fried egg or two on top! I even fry my eggs in the same pan as the mushrooms with give an interesting umami flavor to the eggs… also because I’m lazy and don’t want to pull out another pan and then wash it after I’m finished. Lazy or practical??? My vote goes to practical. 

Thanks for reading!

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